Fleet has launched!

Get book six of The Royal Marine Space Commandos now and if you haven’t read the By Strength and Guile trilogy, it’s now available in a one volume omnibus edition.

With a couple of little hiccups*, we’ve now launched the sixth book in our main series, Fleet, and the omnibus edition of the By Strength and Guile series. 

It’s been a bit more stressful than it should be but the books are out now and we’re going through developmental edits on book seven already, as well as finalising outlines for books 8-12 which will end the second major arc of the RMSC universe. 

At that point, the series as originally planned will be complete. We do have more story arcs that we could work on after that, if there’s sufficient demand for it and we’ve still got the New Bristol based series to publish as well.

For the time being, our focus is on getting book seven drafted and over to our editor though. 


*Jon made some mistakes with the file uploads which had him banging his head on desk but those are resolved now. See below for details, especially if you download the omnibus between March 25th and April 13th because if you did, you got the wrong file and need to update it to get the intended experience. Apologies to the handful of people who got the wrong file.


Hunted by a superior foe out for revenge, can Dreadnought survive?

Commodore Cohen wants to use his new fleet to cripple the Koschite Republic’s war effort, by destroying their enormous shipyard at U-235. But after Admiral Morgan lost two fleets to Deathless ambushes, the Royal Navy can’t risk another failed attack.

When Dreadnought is sent to investigate Deathless asteroid mining facilities, Admiral Tomsk recognises his chance to deal a crippling blow to the Royal Navy, and also take his revenge on the man he sees as his nemesis.

With a brand new flagship, Tomsk pursues Cohen, convinced that he will sink his battleship and have his vengeance.

Will Tomsk get his wish, or will Cohen find a way to overcome him once more? Can Captain Warden and the marines gather intelligence that will reveal the Deathless plans?

Buy Fleet now and find out how Commodore Cohen’s ancient flagship fares against a state of the art vessel with state of the art guns!

Fleet is the sixth book in the Royal Marine Space Commandos military sci-fi series, and features the return of Marine X from his secret mission in the By Strength and Guile trilogy.

While The Deathless War Rages a New Foe Attacks!

Ten was enjoying fighting the invading Deathless, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the galaxy will politely queue up and wait their turn.

Seconded to Vengeance under Admiral Stansfield, Ten finds himself attached to a team of SBS operatives, tasked with investigating the sudden appearance of a wormhole.

Only this isn’t like the narrow wormholes used to deploy Marines into clones across light-years of space. This one is big enough to let ships through.

Is it another invasion? Are the Deathless opening a new front? Where did this technology come from?

Can Ten put this problem to bed quickly enough that can return to New Bristol and get on with his own war?

Buy the complete trilogy of By Strength and Guile now to find out!

Inside, you’ll get all three books in the trilogy and an exclusive novella, This Little Piggy about a previous mission that Marine Jackson endured.

By Strength and Guile - The Complete Box Set

Do I have the wrong copy of By Strength and Guile: The Complete Box Set?

Fortunately, if you’re a victim of Jon’s boneheaded mistake, you can easily check if you have the old file. BSAG Book 3, Devastation, has over thirty chapters in the incorrect version. It also mentions Terrons, a complication that doesn’t feature in the final draft.

What do I do if I have the wrong file?

Amazon Kindle has a feature which allows you to add notes to your Kindle books. If you delete the book, next time you download it, Amazon sends you the original copy complete with your notes. If the author has updated the file, everyone who buys or borrows it after that date gets the new one, but you’ll download your original. Many authors issue updates for things like the front and back matter of a book (those pages that talk about copyright, or where we put author notes and awkward biographies). That way we can change it from talking about book two being released in the future, to saying it’s already out. We can also release updates for typos or in this case, Jon being an idiot and dropping the wrong Word file in the omnibus.

To get the updated version you need to opt-in to receive updates automatically or go and update the specific books you want updates for – depending on how much control you want over that. If you don’t ever use the notes feature, you can just enable auto-updates for the future but that’s a personal choice.

To do this, go to the Amazon store on a PC and find Manage Content and Devices in the menus in the top right. There you’ll see a list of books you’ve downloaded and you can click the incredibly obvious ‘Update’ link below any books that have it.

You can probably find the same setting through your Kindle app somehow but I’m recommending your computer because it’s probably easier to navigate. However, just do a search for ‘Manage Content and Devices’ and you’ll find Amazon’s instructions quite easily which can talk about your specific device.

Fallen behind?

Buy Dreadnought – RMSC Book 5 and catch up now!

Dreadnought; a museum piece in the frontline of an interstellar war.

Lieutenant Commander Cohen has been given command of a relic, an orbital museum pressed back into service by a desperate Royal Navy.

After a hasty refit, he takes Dreadnought on a rescue mission deep into enemy territory to retrieve an admiral taken hostage by the Deathless. If the interrogators break Admiral Morgan before Cohen can reach him, the Deathless will gain a wealth of classified intelligence and an unbeatable advantage in the war.

But the odds are against them. Will Dreadnought survive the voyage? Can Cohen find the Admiral before he talks? Will Captain Warden and his Marines be able to rescue the hostage?

Dreadnought is the fifth book in the gritty Royal Marine Space Commandos military sci-fi series. If you like battle-hardened heroes, space fleet combat, and non-stop action, then you’ll love Jon & James Evans’ star-spanning exploits.

Buy Dreadnought and find out if the old girl can overcome her enemies today!

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