Vengeance has returned to battle their old foe!

When a stable wormhole opens in Sol-controlled space, Vengeance and her crew wake from stasis to deal with the new threat.

Admiral Stansfield needs a team to investigate. The SBS has plenty of skilled operatives, but only Marine X is old enough to use the antiquated equipment they’ll need to complete the mission.

Redeployed from half a galaxy away, Ten just wants to get back to fighting the Deathless. He has unfinished business.

Stansfield is no fan of penal Marines, and Ten is pretty sure he’s hiding the truth about their mission. His teammates Conway, Kearney, Mason and Davies are still smarting over the loss of a comrade and aren’t welcoming either.

Can this ragtag squad unite to complete the mission at hand and save Earth from a conflict that could make the Deathless War look like a minor skirmish?

Buy Incursion, Book 1 of By Strength and Guile and find out how Ten and the SBS deal with the unknown dangers beyond the wormhole! 

Incursion, the first book in the By Strength and Guile trilogy went live on Amazon on 16th December and the second book, Armada, is available on pre-order with the launch date set to Dec 31st 2019. 

By Strength and Guile is a collaboration with Paul Teague and features Charlie Team, an SBS team who are faced with a new threat to humanity, while the war with the Deathless rages on the other side of the galaxy.

Ten (Marine X) guest stars as he is seconded to Charlie Team at the end of Dreadnought to provide vital skills.

The final book in the trilogy, Devastation will be available for pre-order soon and will be released on Jan 31st 2020 so you won’t have to wait long to be able to get the whole trilogy. 

Fallen behind?

Buy Dreadnought – RMSC Book 5 and catch up now!

Dreadnought; a museum piece in the frontline of an interstellar war.

Lieutenant Commander Cohen has been given command of a relic, an orbital museum pressed back into service by a desperate Royal Navy.

After a hasty refit, he takes Dreadnought on a rescue mission deep into enemy territory to retrieve an admiral taken hostage by the Deathless. If the interrogators break Admiral Morgan before Cohen can reach him, the Deathless will gain a wealth of classified intelligence and an unbeatable advantage in the war.

But the odds are against them. Will Dreadnought survive the voyage? Can Cohen find the Admiral before he talks? Will Captain Warden and his Marines be able to rescue the hostage?

Dreadnought is the fifth book in the gritty Royal Marine Space Commandos military sci-fi series. If you like battle-hardened heroes, space fleet combat, and non-stop action, then you’ll love Jon & James Evans’ star-spanning exploits.

Buy Dreadnought and find out if the old girl can overcome her enemies today!

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