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James Evans

UK writer James Evans has more projects in flight than any sane person would want to know about, but he mostly focuses on co-authoring the Royal Marine Space Commandos series with his brother, Jon.

James lives in south London with his wife Susie and an ever-growing collection of fruit-themed consumer electronics. Occasionally, he ventures forth to visit coffee shops or seek cake in the local eateries.

Indie Author

Jon Evans

Jon Evans was born in Portsmouth and has worked in a fabulously dull series of jobs, none of which constitute a career. While doing these jobs he always dreamt of becoming a writer and there were many false starts and unfinished projects. 

Now he’s achieved that goal and writes about space marines with his brother, James.

Indie Author

Our Authors

As we’d hoped, Imaginary Brother has expanded our pool of authors by 50% in 2018!

Ok, so what that actually means is that Paul Teague, a well established British sci-fi and thriller writer, has written the By Strength and Guile series in our Royal Marine Space Commando universe.

We’re looking to bring more authors on board to explore other parts of the universe and we’ll announce any future collaborations you know, in the future!

Indie Author

Paul Teague

Paul is a former broadcaster and journalist with the BBC and writes in the sci-fi and thriller genres.

You can read his full biography at his website, where you can also find his thriller books and his other sci-fi works.

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