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James Evans

UK writer James Evans is the author of the new fantasy epics, A Gathering of Fools and A Gathering of Princes, the first two parts of the Vensille Saga. He is also co-author with his brother Jon of the novels Commando (The Royal Marine Space Commandos, Book 1), Guerrilla (RMSC, Book 2) and Ascendant (RMSC, Book 3). He is currently writing Gunboat (RMSC, Book 4). James lives in south London with his wife Susie and an ever-growing collection of fruit-themed consumer electronics.

Indie Author

Jon Evans

Jon Evans was born in Portsmouth and has worked in a fabulously dull series of jobs, none of which constitute a career. While doing these jobs he always dreamt of becoming a writer and there were many false starts and unfinished projects.  In addition to the RMSC series, the fourth book of which is due out soon, his first fantasy novel is Thieftaker. It’s the first in a series following the career of Captain Edrin Loft as he seeks to turn the tough officers of the Old Gate Watchhouse to fit his vision of a modern force. The Thieftakers pursue the very dregs of society in places the rest of the Watch fear to go. 

Indie Author

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At the moment, we’re a two-man (ok, not that manly but at least technically men) operation.

If things go well for Imaginary Brother, we’ll be looking to collaborate with other authors. There are a number of ways that we could do this but it will be with people that we already know, in the indie community. Most likely, we’d aim to build a collaborative world that we could write in together.  

Until then, you’ll be able to find out about our work together here, with the occasional mention of our individual works. 

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