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We knew early on that we would need to form a company if our the first series we wrote as co-authors went as well as we’d hoped. We outlined Commando and the broad strokes of the Royal Marine Space Commandos universe in late 2017. By March we’d published the first book. Both of us had our own books out, in fantasy worlds, and they weren’t doing well, though we could see the potential.

Commando however, was an immediate success. Sales began to climb and have grown with each new book. By the end of July, we’d signed with Podium Publishing for the audiobooks which are expected to release in late 2018.

Once that happened, we knew we’d have to head toward setting up our own small publishing company.

The name Imaginary Brother hints at a few things. There’s an amusing anecdote from our first indie author conference, in February 2018 at Runnymede. Everything we do is based on imagination and, of course, we are brothers.

What’s the future for Imaginary Brother?

Once the website and social media are finished and the mailing list is available, we’re going to start concentrating on growing our audience for Imaginary Brother Books. When we have the set up in place for our own co-authored work, we’ll look at whether or not we want to collaborate on other work.

By the end of 2018, the initial work setting up Imaginary Brother should be complete and at that point, we have some ideas about taking on other authors. We’re not taking submissions but we’ll probably build relationships with authors interested in working together to combine writing, marketing and production strengths to bring great stories to as many readers as possible.

If you are interested in collaborating, feel free to let us know but we’re not issuing a call for submissions at the moment so please don’t send any. The first people we work with as Imaginary Brother will be people we’ve got an existing relationship ship with.

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