Gunboat has now gone live on Amazon so by the time you see this blog post you should be able to buy it worldwide. Well, probably, it sorts of rolls out over time so it’s totally possible it’s not live in your area yet but it won’t be long. 


Only two ships escape a deadly ambush that destroys an entire fleet.

Can the crew of two battered Royal Navy vessels, and the Marines they carry stay alive long enough to make it home?

Captain Cohen must find a safe place to make repairs so they can return to New Bristol and report the disastrous losses during the Battle of Akbar. With interstellar communications and hyperspace engines down, and with atmosphere escaping all over the ship, it’s a desperate struggle to survive for the crew of Ascendant.

To gather the resources they need, the Marines must carry out missions on behalf of a mysterious local faction. Will they win the hearts and minds of asteroid dwelling locals or pour fire on an escalating interstellar conflict?

Buy Gunboat to brace yourself for an exhilarating page-turner today!


What happened to the original covers?

Here’s the original cover we got for Gunboat for the sake of posterity. Our first covers were awesome and they served us very well indeed. We couldn’t have been happier with them.

Once we needed to take on the next tier of the market though, it was time to go in a new direction.

We spoke to Christian Kallias at a conference in Las Vegas and talked about new covers. He’s done a fantastic job for us and we think this will be borne out in future sales. Covers aren’t about what the author loves but what tells the fans of the genre that they’re looking at a book they’d want to read.

The more specific the cover is to the genre, the better it will resonate with someone who is browsing the internet. If you’re scanning down the top 100 releases in sci-fi on Amazon, you spend a tiny amount of time judging each cover before deciding whether you should click to find out more.

The saying goes you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but that’s completely wrong. That’s exactly what the cover is for. It’s how you know you’re not buying a gardening book when you want to find out how to build WordPress websites. 

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